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SpotlightWinter/Spring 2020

Yeah BayBee: Chef Trelly

Chef Lyntrell Green aka Chef Trelly has a knack for flavor. In fact, you could say, she is flavor. Visually stunning, Chef Trelly draws your attention and then knocks your socks off with amazing meals. Trelly is versatile and unique and she uses both distinctions to her advantage.

Her passion for cooking started early, “Cooking has always been a passion of mine and after getting out of the military I wanted to do a job that I was going to love not just to have something to do. So I went to culinary arts school and it was greatness from there.” She credits patience as her greatest asset, “Patience…in the food industry things move so fast and sometimes you have to step back and take a deep breath and have patience with others.”

Chef Trelly is no stranger to facing challenges as a woman, “Men not taking me seriously because of my appearance…some women have made it difficult for us to get noticed for just our hard work because they use their body to get ahead.” None of it has stopped the New Orleans native from continuously progressing towards her personal goals. Hard work is her hallmark and will keep her relevant, “…I believe I will be able to do that because I’m consistently educating myself on new and refreshing ideas.”

A pivotal moment for Chef Trelly came before her time serving our country, “To be honest it goes bk to before I joined the military. My mom told me I wouldn’t stay in the military long because of my attitude and I had a point to prove to her. So I did it and staying in longer than she and I expected…that drive and discipline I learned while in the military and my ego pushed me to never quit so that’s why I’m where I am today.

Looking forward, Chef Trelly is on the verge of launching more projects, “Well I’ll be opening up my food trailer “Yeah She Rollin” by March 1st and I’m giving myself a six month goal to start on my next dream.” Beauty, Brains, and Boldness, Lyntrell Green is the new wave of chef!

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