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Victoria Moore

Youth Make-Up Artist (MUA)

No doubt 2021 is all about living your best life while looking your best. That goes for younger generations and the seasoned. Youth Make-Up Artist, Victoria Moore, is full of pizzazz and doing her thing. Born and raised in Texas, this young lady is leaving her stamp on Instagram where her art medium is the face. In addition, she often uses her gorgeous self as a canvas to model different make-up techniques and hairstyles. This young artist already has a client base that keeps her busy outside of high school.

All American Girl

In the same vein, keeping up with studies and being a senior in high school does not slow Victoria from pursing the desires of her heart. She models Christian apparel for Inner Circle Ministries Management and is on the Harker Heights Crimson Bell Dance Team. In her quiet time she picks up the brush and paints on shoes, jeans, canvas and anything else that would benefit from a tap of color.

Influencer in the Making

Christmas 2019 was when her interest in make-up took root. “I was on Instagram a lot looking at different things. That is when I saw tons of make-up influencers doing cool stuff. Other people’s art inspires me. I will see something that catches my eye, and I will try to create it with make-up. If it looks good…I post it.” She shares with a bright smile.

Vic’s Personal Style

Being 17 years old is hard enough, and this girl on fire stays true to her style and flow. She is not a trend follower by any means. She keeps her style bold and classic with a touch of Vic-ness without cares of what others may think. Personal expression is important to every artist and she absolutely voices herself through her style.

Focal Point

According to Victoria, being an MUA is fun and offers so many opportunities to advance. She is always perfecting her skills and ready to step forward into projects where she can gain exposure in her craft. In 2020 her clientele increased, she had the opportunity to work on set of a music video as the MUA while also being in the video and she provided her make-up services to models during a clothing line launch event.

Goal Boss

In 10 years Victoria sees herself strongly planted in the MUA business on movie sets, fashion shows and providing professional services to celebrities. She is open to trying new things along the way. In short, this promising star’s  heart is light and set on being one of the best MUA’s in the country. Above all, Youth MUA Victoria Moore leaves us with these encouraging words, “Do what you love and let it lead you. That’s what I do.”




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