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TJ Da God ~ Life Is Good

Symphonic Skin presents a quick Q&A with recording artist TJ Da God


When did your interest in music begin?
Always been fascinated and deeply moved by music since i was young. I had spit some raps in high school on the school bus some but never took it serious until i began getting involved in more conscious messages and music following multiple injustices of blacks around 2013.

Did you approach music with a grassroots underground approach or mainstream?
I initially wanted to go mainstream until i did some research on the mainstream ‘distro’ (distribution) deals, artists, content and contracts.

What challenges do you face often?
Often i have a tough time getting heard by new fans. Being that most of my music content is considered conscious, taboo and or old school.


What is your driving force for your music?
I would say enlightenment. I use music as a platform to educate and move my targeted audiences to inspire them to change for the better.

What’s next for you?
I have got a couple projects in the works, from mix-tapes being released and a couple videos as well.

Be on the lookout for more from TJ and follow him on IG: @shinobikobi6

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