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Tia Evette: Luminary Icon ~ The Movie

Symphonic Skin: Tia, Luminary Icon – The Movie, give us the history on why it’s important that you tell this story to the world through feature film? And why now?
Luminary Icon The Movie is about the Journey of The First Female of Hip Hop Culture, MC Sha-Rock from the Legendary Hip Hop Group “THE FUNKY 4 PLUS ONE. I feel It’s important to help bring this history to forefront through film because, as a culture we have to know where we came from to know where we’re going. “Luminary Icon” the movie will provide those with insight into our culture of origin and who’s better to tell the story other than the woman that was on the front line!
SS: Would you say your personal connection to the story gives you an added incentive to make it super dope?
Yes, I was brought in as the casting and executive producer because I know what Sha is looking for when it comes to translating her story to film. She knows I have a crazy imagination (not saying the story will be fabricated) but she knows I can make her vision come to light.
SS: From a behind the lens standpoint, what is the most challenging part of putting the film together to portray MC Sha-Rock properly?
The most challenging part would be making sure the actor “Sha-Rock portrays her to the fullest! From her swag, shyness and delivery when it comes to rhyming. Sha-Rock had a unique sound.
SS: Story telling based on true events can sometimes make things harder to translate to film. Do you find it to be easier to focus on the imagery since the script has somewhat written itself?
I feel it could be challenging… Lol! You can have a great script but if production and delivery is wack then you have a wack film. Lol
SS: When can we see the film and what’s next for you?
The film will be out towards the end of 2020! After the movie, I will be releasing a TV show that I’m currently filming! You are the first to know that, so you just got some exclusive Shit lol!

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