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1. Who is Das Effect the person?
Das Effect is a woman, a mother, an artist, a creator, and a brand.  Simply defined as Complex Simplicity, Das Effect simply is. I don’t limit myself and I am not afraid to fail. I am so simple though because I believe simply in LOVE. I move off instinct and passion. I want to change the world.  I am a light and I know I shine bright, sometimes too much for some.


2. What drove you to pursue a career in artist management? You also a product of Georgia but you’re thriving in Central Texas, how do you do it?

I am a natural leader and organizer. I am an only child which I blame for so much. I learned to do things myself and to multitask because I grew up in the arts, so if it wasn’t school it was rehearsal, class, practice, etc. I was forced to be who I am. I never saw myself in the arts as a profession so I ran in the opposite direction to counseling. I have a B.A. in Psychology and Social Science. I was working on my Masters in Education  and then I met Mike Hobbs aka Ugly who changed the course of my life. My Uncle was very heavy in entertainment for the military when i was growing up and when I moved here i was staying with him and he introduced me to a lot of people in the area that happened to be industry related. I started hanging out at the International Soccer Sports Bar and got cool with the owner, DJ, and promoter  and organized a few cool events there that made people say who is this woman she is definitely not from Killeen. Ugly approached me one day outside International and asked me to help him manage the models he was shooting. I was like why me? I don’t do that and he said he knew I could. The rest is a story for a memoir. That day birthed Das the manager. Then throughout the course of the last few years I picked up on a little knowledge and now it seems I may very well know what I’m talking about. I get invested in my clients and see them as if I were protecting them like my children. I counsel them, I help them, I manage them. I love it.

3. What do you find most challenging about carving your own space in place as versatile as Killeen?

I carve my own space wherever I go. I am a natural people person. I cant help but to make my environment comfortable. Killeen is so different from Atlanta but being a transient city I meet people from so many places and that’s super dope. I enjoy being a light in the world. We could all use a smile, a hug, laughter and joy more often. i never met a challenge I couldn’t face so I don’t put my self in situations I don’t want to be in and I face all life throws at me head on ten toes on the ground.


4. What can we expect from you going forward?

Das Effect Management is currently managing Retro Hendrix the artist. He represents #moodmusic and we are in an operation to take over the world. We will have his music being played and loved home and abroad. How we are doing it will be for you to see. My first love The Black Bar List is doing some different lane things than expected. We are known for music videos and now we work with a company I manage called Social Vow that does social media marketing and content. We are so busy building Social Vow we decided to go into clothing… yeah… clothing. Stay tuned. This is going to be big.  Create.Share. Inspire. Coaching is a social media private coaching platform my partner Jon Vandergriff created. I am managing and marketing this platform. This will be a huge platform soon so stay tuned on that one as well. Das Effect Management also does creative content. I record behind the scenes footage with a DJI Pocket Osmo. I created The DEM Report, a behind the scenes show to market my brands and showcase my filming talents and it birthed my hashtag #daswiththeos. People can expect progression and creativity from Das Effect Management. I am growing daily as a person, brand, and company. I appreciate people for believing in me and supporting whatever I create and share.


5. How can the readers contact you? 

People can reach me @daseffectmanagement  on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. My platforms showcase my projects, my artist and the companies I manage and

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