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December 2019FeatureModel

Tattoos & Muscles ~ Kendell

Our male cover model Kendell gives Symphonic Skin Magazine the 411 on the man with the muscles!
Tee Word: Where are you from and what’s your nationality?
Kendell: Born in Brooklyn New York and grew up in the islands on the island of Trinidad.
TW: What made you get into modeling?
Kendell: ¬†Besides the networking and connections you make, the possibility of earning an income simply through taking care of your body, dressing well and taking pictures. It’s a no brainer.
TW: Besides modeling what career interests you?
Kendell: Real estate but, really, anything that involves entrepreneurship.
TW:  What is your biggest motivation in life?
Kendell: My biggest motivation in life would have to be myself if anything. The want and need to see myself at my best in every aspect of life is what keeps me going.
TW: What’s next for you?¬†
Kendell: Besides more modeling and more modeling. I’ll be jumping into this new career path of modeling with an optimistic mindset and ready for every opportunity.

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