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Symphonic Skin is Here!

Symphonic Skin Magazine started as a vision and has manifested into a wonderful collection of talented and creative artists and entrepreneurs. The process in producing this magazine took myself, Tee Word, and co-owner, Clement McKie aka Mac on a journey that has brought us into contact with some very dope people. I for one have met quite a few amazing writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, tattoo artists, models and more while creating our first issue. But most importantly, their influences helped mold the vision of Symphonic Skin today and beyond…we are a creative voice wrapped in visuals.
Which brings us to a truly eye-opening experience for me; the first ever Symphonic Skin cover shoot. Organizing a photo-shoot with two cover models and a very busy photographer is challenging to say the least. After overcoming scheduling conflicts and issues with wardrobe selection and a few of my own communication breakdowns, the shoot went off without a hitch. I cannot fully express the gratitude that I feel for the efforts of our cover models Kytty and Champaine. Dewayne Crable, our photographer, made this first magazine photo-shoot such a smooth process as he guided the models coolly and easily transitioned between props and outfits without breaking the vibe.
What made the entire experience unique for me was how Dewayne was able to meet the needs of everyone involved. I had a specific vision for the cover photo and our models had a different concept in mind. Using his eye for art and experience in the business, Dewayne meshed our ideas into the beautiful photos you see within this magazine. You’ll learn more about the personalities of our models in their mini-features in this issue, but I can say with confidence that Dewayne brought their cosmic vibes out through every image.
Over the course of just past two and a half hours, our team worked as a unit to get not one but multiple perfect shots to deliver an amazing visual experience within these pages! With do many options to choose from, our cover image leapt from the screen and into my heart. I am happy to present to you and welcome you to the dawn of Symphonic Skin Magazine!

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