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Staff Spotlight: Jack Heron

Tee Word: As the newest member of the Let’s Connect and Symphonic Skin writing team, what can readers expect from you as a writer?
Jack: Readers can expect a unique voice. I’m on a team of greats but I also have every intention of creating material that readers can’t get anywhere else.

TW: Writing professionally takes a lot of self confidence. Do you find it hard to put out content because you’re too critical of yourself, wanting to be perfect?
Jack: I’ve had to unlearn things like that. I’m critical now, but not to a degree that it restricts my content. To grow as a writer, prioritizing perfection is the easiest way to inhibit one’s self. I seek passion first. Perfect writing can still be skeletal and empty. There’s no point in that for me.

TW: You’re a versatile writer, does your ability to mold your style come naturally or is it a learned skill?
Jack: I think it’s a learned skill, but something I learned very quickly. Adapting my style is a challenge that I‘m always ready to overcome. I’ve been writing my whole life. Thankfully, writing is one of those strengths that just got easier to improve over time. Once I knew that this was my passion, there wasn’t much in the way of me learning how to deliver as efficiently as possible.

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