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Soulful: Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie. Her name alone sounds like black girl magic and she will not disappoint. The powerhouse, soulful singer from Jacksonville, Florida is well-traveled Michelle Marieand has used every opportunity presented to her to climb the hierarchy of the music business. Ever the humble star, Michelle Marie has sang background and stood center-stage, both equally confident and courageous. She’s comfortable in front of any sized crowd because she’s been sharing her gift for quite some time, “It’s crazy, growing up I always knew I had a gift, but never really used it. I’ve always had a love for music, so I always, somehow, found myself around musicians and other artist. (Guess it was destiny) So a friend of mine, who was in a band, asked me to fill in and sing a couple songs at a Christmas party and it was on from there!”


Spending time traveling, singing, and networking comes with its good and bad. The journey will school you on the business and Michelle is no exception, “Most valuable lesson… 2 fold actually. First, never take things too personal and secondly know that what God has for you is for YOU.”


While the music industry is a challenge for both men and women to succeed, the hurdles faced by women can be twice as high as their male counterparts. Michelle has faced these challenges and pushed through adversity, “The sad truth is that as a female artist, sometimes we are viewed as “sex symbols” or made to feel like we have to be sexy to be heard. But me, I just wanna make y’all dance, whether I’m in a little black dress or a sweat suit!” Versatility is in her DNA and she’ll pop out dressed down and steal the show just as easily as if she was decked to the nines. There’s no stopping this woman and she works hard to carve her place, “I stay relevant by just being me and staying true to myself. I think what’s missing these days is authenticity. They’ll always be a “lane” for the REAL ones…and that’s real! Lol”


Michelle MarieExperience is the best teacher; Michelle Marie was not immune to learning the hard lessons. Her image itself is a perfect example of living and learning, “When I first started, I allowed the people around me to create this false image of who I was and I tried so hard to live up to it. I finally (with much prayer and hard lessons) broke out of that mold and began walking in who I really am.” Stepping into her own light has paid off for her.


Staring at a very important year in her career, the soulful singer shares what’s next for her,” I’m super excited to announce that my very FIRST album entitled “free form” will be released on my birthday 6.11.20….and very soon after putting a tour together! Y’all stay tuned for all the details. I want you all to be a part of this journey with me.”

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