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She’s So Dope! ~ Colorz The Emcee

Getting to know Colorz The Emcee

Colorz The Emcee is a busy woman! Nailing down some time to share her journey with Symphonic Skin was at the top of her to-do list and her story is worth the wait. Using personal experiences and divine connections, Colorz The Emcee is storming the stage with passion and intuition. The lady-boss entrepreneur has taken full control of her destiny, read on for the scoop!

Symphonic Skin: Tell us how you discovered your talent? Was it early on or were you a late bloomer who needed to be coaxed into the arts?
Colorz The Emcee: I’ve been a creative all my life. I love to sing, rap, write, draw, and paint. As a child, I was always very artistic in my expression with a vivid imagination. At the age of 12 I started writing poetry and songs. I enjoyed sharing my work with my peers. Based on the feedback and constructive criticism, I realized that I was good at writing and continued my pursuit. Living in NYC, it was common to see random rap cyphers. By the time I was 14, I was counting bars and writing rhymes. Growing up in the city was hard and I wanted to express my pain in a productive way. I wanted to rap about it. I enjoyed singing but rapping felt more liberating. It felt good hearing one of the OGs say, ” Shorty Got Flow”!


SS: Once you decided to pursue your craft, what was the most helpful advice you received going forward?

Colorz: The most helpful advice I received was to learn the business, always be true to myself and keep on flowing!


SS: In a hyper competitive industry, what is the most challenging aspect of growing your fan-base?

Colorz: Balancing personal life and business is a difficult task. I’m a single mother of young children and I’m not always able to just get up and go to events. People want to SEE you as well as HEAR you. Thank goodness for social media, now you can be virtually anywhere at anytime. I spent close to 7 years in the Army. During that time, I wasn’t involved in making music as much. My content isn’t like the dumbed down music the industry has been promoting over the years. After such a long break from music, finding my target audience has been the most challenging.


SS: What was the reason for taking a break from music? 

Colorz: In 2007, I made a life changing decision to join the Army. In 2009 I gave birth to my first son. I stayed in the Army for nearly 7 years. Although I tried to continue making music, my obligation to my family and my country was priority. I invested in a home recording studio in 2010 but then deployed to Iraq shortly after. In May of 2014 I was Honorably Discharged from the Army and I had my second son 3 months later. I struggled with the transition back into civilian life. Naturally, I gravitated back towards my love of creating music. Music is what kept me sane. In 2016 I was faced with post-partum depression, mental health issues, a home foreclosure, legal issues and “Baby Daddy Drama”. It took me a while to regain momentum but I kept pushing. Finally, in 2017 while attending school to become a Licensed Nail Technician, I dropped my first single “(Dear God) Can You Hear Me” independently. I followed that up with another single called “Stay Around”. In February of 2018 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. At that point I decided I was good with my trio and I got right back to the music. Towards the end of 2018, I dropped another single called “EX.XX.TRA” along with my first music video. I haven’t looked back since.


SS: As a female emcee, what separates you from the pack?

Colorz: I’m not just an Emcee, I’m the CEO of CCEEO RECORDS. My content and delivery is unparalleled. Colorz The Emcee is not only an artist, she owns the label and she is the CCEEO brand.


SS: What’s on deck for Colorz The Emcee?

Colorz: I’m in the lab working on more audio/visual content and merchandise…I’m building my catalog and expanding my repertoire. The latest music video, #APIECEOFHOPE from my first EP #SPOOKBYTHEBOOTH is doing well and I’m preparing for the release of my new single “LIVE” coming this NEW YEAR 2020.

To Follow Colorz The Emcee:

For Features, Shows and Bookings Text info to: (917) 916-7790  E-mail: bookcolorztheemcee@gmail.com
Clothing brand is “CCEEO CLOTHING COMPANY” {pronounced C..E..O} Be on the look out for it!

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