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Root Phenomenon

Culture has a tremendous influence on today’s hairstyles, haircuts and hairdos. Even the absence of hair can be a form of communication in many societies and groups. In the artists world how the hair is kept often identifies who they are. Hairstyles are more than fleeting fashion. It is an art medium in itself, full of color, texture, angles and shapes. Hair is magnificent art.

Personal Expression

All social classes and cultures deal with different ways to wear their hair. Strands naturally grow from the scalp, and  after the hair pushes through the skin; the fun begins. There is even more fun and freedom with personal hair expression when wigs and extensions are added to the modern canvas. Demonstrating internal feelings and beliefs through outward expression is being seen more, and in various ways in all genders and age ranges. In many instances’ hair is just as powerful as speech.


In many ancient tribes a hair design identified its people and strength. About 30,000 years ago the first hair styling is believed to be braiding of womens hair. It was not just a style; it was an art craft. Since then, like braiding, all types of hair styles have shown up on the scene. For example mohawks, locs, beards, ponytails, sideburns, ringlets, afros, wigs, processed and unprocessed.  Grab a photo or yearbook and most times based on the styling technique like towering bangs or teased hair, one can reveal the time era in which the picture was taken. Hairdos have always been an artistic platform of expression-an embodied selfhood.

Texas Style

Artists in Central Texas pretty much wear their hair like artists everywhere in the world. Christian Rapper Cold Front Baby wears his hair in natural locs with facial hair, powerhouse Actress Lioness Telaine enhances her mane with warm auburn color while soulful Singer Michelle Marie sports ebony coiled coifs. Furthermore, hair expression is limitless and artists are using it to their benefit. Music, film, theater, fashion, photography, sculptors and content writers are a few artists using their hair to display mood and connection to what they create.

10 Popular 2021 Hair Trends


-Blunt chops

-Short Pixies

-Modern Shag

-Wig Installs



-High Ponytail

-Clipped Back


Michelle Marie


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