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Ride the Wave: Chuck Wavy

1. Who is Chuck Wavy?

Chuck Wavy : I can’t say who I am exactly because I’m still evolving and adapting as a being of this realm. I only know what I’m not. I think the minute you define something it’s that and that’s it. I can say I’m a poised high vibrating channeled energy,  focused and in tuned to who I am becoming and I’m enjoying every step of this journey as an person and artist.

2. As an entrepreneur, specifically, a music artist, what was your inspiration to pursue your music career?

CW: The over whelming scene to express my self and share my visions and story with people. I shied away from it for so long trying to channel it through other things. Which lead me back to it every time.

3. Marketing seems to be second nature for you, is it due to training and experience or is it organic for you?

CW:  A little bit of both I had a few courses in college but nothing is more organic then being able to capitalize off that it factor. Some things and people are just hard to ignore. I think it’s a gift being able to understand whats easy on the eye and pleasing to the ear, but still being able to invoke thought or interest.

4. The landscape of entertainment is changing quickly, how do handle the ‘waves’ of change?

CW: Staying WAVY! Lol, naw for real though, I research, study habit, I go the extra mile. The average artist just wants to be a dope artist and is one dimensional . Having an  open mind and mindset will keep you ahead of the the game.

5. What’s the next move for Chuck Wavy?

CW: Gotta study where I’ve been to see where I’m going. Just know I’m moving forward and up. I just released the biggest project of my career thus far, Wavin A. Smith 2 Hosted by Sauce Walka, out now on all platforms forms‼️ Follow me on www.chuckwavy.com to stay up on the latest .

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