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Retro Hendrix brings the world ‘ Mood ’ Music

A young man from Alabama joined the Army right out of high school. While in the Army music was the only thing that made the days bearable. After dedicating 4 years to his country it was time for the country to dedicate its ears to the sounds that cultivated in the mind of Retro Hendrix. Hip Hop and Rock and Roll influenced the original sound until Retro decided not to be held down by a genre and instead allow his mood to control the music.

Retro Hendrix has an album entitled Kik Do Tro. The #1 single on the album is Princess Diana, an homage to the sound of where his music began. Retro has performed at venues all over the Central Texas area and is now taking the music outside the state of Texas to allow the world to experience his “Mood’ Music.
Retro Hendrix can be found on all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also find his music on every media platform such as iTunes, SoundCloud, and Tidal. The Culture Brand is a clothing line created by Retro Hendrix to expand the reach of his brand and mission to bring together the people of the world through fashion and music.

Retro Speaks:

“I’ve been in the music industry since 2012 and Music to me is a form or expression. I really have a hard time explaining myself as an artist to people but I think my music gives a very descriptive image of who is Retro Hendrix. Growing up the only thing I listened to was The Last Mr. Big , Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, which is why they are my TOP 3 favorite rappers of all time. The title KIK DO TRO come from my brother CHUCK WAVY he’s also an artist, but it started because he needed a verse from me and told me he really need me to come hard on the track, he said he needed me to KICK the DOOR in. Fast forward he was pleased with my verse and started calling me ‘KIK DO TRO’. My biggest accomplishment so far in music is being able to change someone life with my music. Its the greatest feeling ever. Beat selection too me is what make a Great Album and good concepts. In 2020 you should look out for new music and visuals from me. I plan on dropping “I AM THE CULTURE 2” and dropping more visuals off ‘KIK DO TRO’.”

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