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Loose Cannons: Seasoned Hip Hop Duo

Influenced by great hip hop music & much more, Loose Cannons catapult their listeners into their idealistic whims through mesmerizing musical adventures with their ingenious story telling, backed by the soundtrack of life. 

“We are just a couple of multi-faceted, southern artists that represent the spirit of our ancestors who bore the struggle and the true essence of Hip-Hop.” LC 

Loose Cannons, aka Bootha Vandross & Cin-Q, are a seasoned Hip-Hip group based in the heart of Dallas, Texas. True ‘Southern hip hop heads’ injecting their tunes with soul and a fresh twist. Vandross & Q have been making music together solid since ‘97. In 2012, they embarked on inking a digital distribution deal with Oakland’s ABB Records/710Digital for their single “Say Yeah”. The production team included Rod ‘KP’ Kirkpatrick (previous endeavors with Eric Sermon, Keith Murray, and the FuSchnickens). During this time they also closed a licensing deal with Atom Factory Music, all while cultivating an extensive catalog of music. The catalog consists of 4 mix-tapes, 2 studio albums, and 2 solo projects. After a 5-year hiatus, the duo released and celebrated their highly anticipated album titled ‘The Marquee’ harpooning 2020 with local, national and international buzz. They are currently working to release new visuals and full throttle touring, performing hit songs from ‘The Marquee’ Album.

With their uncanny innovative style, they are steady honing in on their craft as a duo, staking their claim “their time is now”, while making wise investments expanding their fan base globally. They take pride in bringing freshness and balance to Hip-Hop, taking part in reshaping the revolution through fire rhymes. They are Serious Artists, who know when its time to work. Putting in the hard quality work in, investing strategically, and building the team and network they have are just a few aspects in becoming a Brand. They have not only accomplished that but they are still grinding laying ground work down, building their legacy.

We only need a few minutes, that’s basically all listeners need to hear before they’re drawn in, with no turning back.”  – LC

Vandross is a lyrical mind bender in the simplest terms, with wordplay that may likely go over your head. Cin-Q can go head to head with the best of them. He is, without question, one of the most gifted lyricists and songwriters to represent the South.

With dope beats, fire melodies, and lyricism at their finest infused with pure soul, one thing is for certain. Their listeners will experience a connection they can relate to with a few of their songs, if not all. 

We have a formula that works to maintain the mind, ears, and soul. We strive to touch on subjects that many tend to snooze on or are just scared to talk about!”  – LC

So, check the hype out, cause its not played out! With this gift to Hip Hop, you do not want to miss out! Loose Cannons are full steam hhead, Look Out. 

Bookings & Business Inquiries: BooAndCinrlcs@gmail.com

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