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Letter From the EditorWinter/Spring 2020

Letter From the Editor ~ Winter/Spring 2020

What’s up World! I’d like to extend a personal welcome to everyone reading this issue of Symphonic Skin Magazine. I am Tee Word, the co-owner and editor of this amazing publication. Along with my partner, Clement McKie, we decided to carve our own place in Central Texas with a magazine geared to highlight the arts and artists right in our own backyard. Our vision included models, tattoo artists, musicians, performers and culture influencers, just to name a few. What you see before you is something that will connect a variety of cultures and genres together, bathed in dope imagery.

In this issue, we present the amazingly talented Michelle Marie. We also chop it up with actress Monique Barsh, film maker and military veteran Sophia Ellis, singer Kenny King, and Chef Trelly. We also introduce a few new editorial segments, spear-headed by super-gifted writer Mary Castle, making her Symphonic Skin debut. This issue is packed with insight on some of the most talented people in Killeen, Texas.

We wish that you’ll continue to support the Symphonic Skin movement and share your thoughts with us as well journey into the next issue. Our new quarterly publishing schedule will allow us to consistently provide the content that matters to you and stirs interest within you to return for more. We humbly thank you for reading!

Tee Word
Symphonic Skin Magazine

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