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Letter From the Editor ~ Fall 2020

What’s good y’all! I’d like to extend a personal welcome to everyone reading this first anniversary issue of Symphonic Skin Magazine.
A little over 1 year ago, we decided to carve our own place in Central Texas with a magazine geared to highlight the arts and artists right in our own backyard. Our vision included models, tattoo artists, musicians, performers and culture influencers, just to name a few. Since then, we’ve extended our reach to other major hubs across Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and Houston.
In this issue, we continue our mission of growth by introducing yet another talented writer, Jess Smith-Martinez aka JASE! Mary returns with more great work while sharing the details about Carnival. And of course, yours truly drops a few jewels into the mix!
We wish that you’ll continue to support the Symphonic Skin movement and share your thoughts with us as we journey into the next issue. Our quarterly publishing schedule will allow us to consistently provide the content that matters to you and stirs interest within you to return. We humbly thank you for reading!
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