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Letter From the Editor ~ Summer 2020

Greetings everyone, in this quarter’s edition of Symphonic Skin Magazine, we explore the current climate facing our nation…social injustice and inequality.


The tragic deaths of African Americans in the United States at the hands of law enforcement is both saddening and frustrating. To die by the hands of the people who vowed to protect you, especially when you’re unarmed, is nothing short of a travesty. It NEEDS to stop.


It’s no secret that Symphonic Skin is a Black-owned and operated magazine. However, our publication is not defined by the color of our skin. Mac, the idea behind this awesome pictorial is a military veteran, he served this country proudly. As for me? I’m just the child of a 20+ year Army veteran who saw my father lace up his boots to defend my freedom to be anything that I wanted to be AND to peacefully protest if I chose to.


What’s the moral of this story? It’s time for America to address it’s problem with racism and make the necessary changes to honor the sacrifices of our brave men and women who vowed to protect us. It starts with accountability in law enforcement and let’s see more than a few ‘token’ convictions.


Symphonic Skin is a diverse magazine and will remain that way. But this one time, this one issue, it‘s about to be Black AS FUCK. So enjoy this collection as a small representation of the Black experience in America.


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