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Kytty Khaos: Here Kytty!

Kysha Ruiz aka Kytty Khaos is a woman of many talents! A proud soldier, model, tattoo artist, entrepreneur and all around badass, the woman known for her signature ‘cat ears’ headband is leaving an indelible mark on everything she touches.
Kytty has the determination and drive to attempt and succeed at anything, giving her an instant advantage over her competitors. She instantly wins whoever she meets over with her big smile and bubbly personality, her energy is contagious.
In a wonderful meeting of energy and perfect timing, Symphonic Skin quickly secured Kytty as one of two cover models for the debut issue. Upon offer, Kytty did not hesitate to accept the opportunity to work with our publication. Her reasoning was as pure as fresh snow, “Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of people support what I was doing. A lot of people just want to support what’s already out there. So being to be a part of something new is the biggest honor because I want to give back despite people not giving back to me.” She goes on, “I wanna see other people grow, meet new artists, all kinds of artists because I feel that art is life ya know.”
The ability to balance multiple task and ventures is something Kytty is often questioned about, “When people say that I’m doing a job, I say that I’m trying…I’m givingy 100%, 110%…there’s always room for improvement, always room to grow. Balancing can sometimes be a challenge because I can’t do photoshoots because I’m playing G.I. Jane. Other times I’m scheduled with tattoo appointments or doodling. You can catch me sometimes painting someone’s walls because I’m bored…it can be hard to manage because my days are go-go-go.” Kytty says she runs on about three hours of sleep but it’s because she wants to be productive at all times.
Challenged to decide what the one thing she’d do forever if money was no issue, her eyes grow wide, in sync with her smile as she wrestles her thoughts for the answer. “Aww man, I was so sure of my answer and now I’m not sure. I’m in between being a mechanic in the military and a tattoo artist.” Kytty continues “Some people think mechanics don’t do anything but I love getting down and dirty, even though I’m a model, I love doing makeup – sometimes, but I love supporting other troops.”
“When it comes to art, tattoo has always been my calling. I was scared to do it at first, ya know, putting something permanent on someone’s skin…wow, you put me in a tough spot on that one! I can’t pick!”
Looking ahead “I named myself Kytty Ink because I wanted to be called Kytty Ink Inc, incorporated…so I wanted to have an establishment for everything you might need. I wanted to bring everything that’s art related together and help those people along the way.”
Kytty’s parting thoughts are to “Always help others!” Before getting back to taking dope pics, Kytty describes how her mother decided to name her Kysha. With the biggest giggle on earth, she tells us the story of her blonde-haired freckled mom, while watching Poetic Justice, decided she’d name her daughter Kysha, just like Tupac’s character Lucky’s child in the movie. The oddity is Kytty’s strong Puerto Rican decent and such a unique name such as Kysha being a perfect fit for the diverse and buxom bombshell!

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