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Kim Lutrice Designs ~ Inspired

Kim LaBeach, best known as “the visionary” is the founder, lead designer, and planner of Kim Lutrice Designs (KLD), an event planning and design company that specializes in creating exceptional, visionary experiences. KLD plans and creates the look and feel of events that range from weddings and gala openings to birthday celebrations and intimate experiences. “Our creativity, experience, passion, and professionalism are combined to provide a unique level of sophistication to our clients,” LaBeach said. KLD was launched in 2017. It is located in Harker Heights, TX and has clients in Central Texas, around the
U.S., and abroad. Most of KLD’s clients are working professionals who are unable to plan all the details of their events due to their busy schedules. “When you do not have all the time that is needed to put the event together, event planning and designing can be overwhelming and stressful, said LaBeach. “(That’s why) it makes sense to hire a professional to assist with the planning and designing process. An event planner/designer is such an important asset (for you).”


LaBeach’s love for designing and planning evolved when she began to help her mother coordinate events and transform beautiful spaces. For 33 years, her mother served in the U.S. Army, and she planned and designed events for military soldiers and their families during her service. LaBeach developed a love for different cultures, cuisines, great music, arts, fashion and celebrating life at a young age. As a child, she had a passion to create beautiful things. “I am fascinated by all the ways (you can) transform something simple into something breathtaking,” she said.

As an event planner/designer, LaBeach helps bring all the details of an event together. She experiences the undertaking of an event created from start to finish. Because of this, she has a unique perspective of
planning and designing process. “For me, every event planning/design journey is like a treasure hunt. Whether it’s a lavish wedding, social or corporal event, grand opening, book signing, prom, retirement party, or a fashion show production, I’m always searching for a way to capture the essence of the occasion.” What makes Kim Lutrice Designs so unique is that they offer unforgettable, elaborate experiences. Picture
this setting: A limo service comes to pick you up from your location to take you to this lavish event. There is an atmosphere that is awe-inspiring when you walk into an event. Luxurious decor. Fresh floral arrangements. Beautiful catering set-up. An orchestra playing. “From the character of each flower petal to the fine threading on a fabulous napkin, KLD assures that every single detail of an event is attentively selected,” LaBeach said.

KLD also offers some extra perks with their services. They collaborate with exceptional professionals including a baker, hair and makeup artist, massage therapist, and home decor designer. They also work
with Kaymora’s Poppin Kids Parties, a company that solely specializes in kids parties. The company is owned by LaBeach’s daughter, Kaymora. Kim Lutrice Designs works with the best professionals to help the KLD team bring a fresh and bright perspective to planning. The whole team is an essential
part of our planning and designing process.
‘(Clients) can rest assured that every member of our
planning/designing team will give 100% to (them)
and that the team will make sure that their event is

LaBeach built Kim Lutrice Designs on faith and love. She enjoys interacting and building relationships with all of her clients. Many of her clients end up becoming her lifelong friends. “Doing what God put (within) me many years ago has sent me on this beautiful journey to build a firm foundation not only for me but also for my family.”

You can contact and learn more about Kim Lutrice Designs at https://kimlutricedesigns.com/.

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