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Erik Valdez-Coney ~ Servant First

E. Valdez-Coney

Servant First

Symphonic Skin Magazine is honored to share about a Central Texas Christian artist who is busy glorifying God with his talents in music. The message of Salvation is the focus of young and mature lyricist Erik Valdez-Coney. He lives his life as a Godly example for his family and those around him. It is clear in his words and behavior; his faith is what keeps him on the path to spreading the gospel through his music. He is a proud father of six (one on the way) beautiful children as well as, a devoted husband of six years to his gorgeous bride Tyra Coney. His testimony is one that is memorable and empowering to all who hear him share.

Set Apart

Do you remember the moment your life took a complete change? Erik Valdez-Coney answered this question with a serious look in his eyes as he began to tell about his life changing moment alone in his mother’s garage. He recalls the date being May 31, 2012 in Temple, Texas. He was in and out of trouble with the judicial system since age 11. His life was wrapped in guns, drug dealing, fights, depression, and rage.  His father encouraged him to seek wisdom and direction by reading the book of Proverbs in the Bible.

What happened next was unexpected and not his intent on that day while sitting alone in the garage. The young Erik reached for a Bible and began to read the printed words. Wisdom is what he was looking for. Salvation is what he found. That day in the garage God met him where he sat… in all his mess. Erik said God saved his life on May 31, 2012. That was the day he gave his life to Christ.

Ministry Moment

Erik ministered in the private Christmas Talent Show at the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center under the direction of Inner Circle Ministries Management. He shared two of his songs, “All I Know” and “Long Live the King”, along with giving his testimony of how God shifted his life from the streets to God’s peace. The residents and staff learned of Erik’s troubled youth, and were surprised when he told them he was a frequent resident himself in the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center from age 11-17.

His testimony opened the talent show giving the youth opportunities to ask him questions about life as they know it. Erik reminded each one present that their current situation is not their end. He shared the love of God and invited each person to seek a personal relationship with God. Before the talent show ended, it was obvious God had made an impact with that group that day through the life ministry in Erik Valdez-Coney.

Art Of War

“Rugged Cross” is his latest music video. His full CD “Art Of War” has 12 new rap songs geared towards the saved, the unsaved, churched, the unchurched, and anyone who wants to know more about God. His music is by no means a substitute for the Bible, it is definitely an extension used in building a personal relationship with God. Erik Valdez-Coney’s music can be found on YouTube and streaming platforms like Spotify. To keep up with his music, events, and projects follow his social media platforms on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EValdezConey and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/e.valdez_coney  Email: Erikjconey@gmail.com


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