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Duane Moore: Cruzan Muscle

Hailing from Lakeland, Florida, by way of Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Island, Duane Moore aka Cruzan Muscle is moving to beat of his own drum.

The first question presented to Duane is why he created his clothing line, the inspiration and foundation…his answer is direct, “I wanted to create something that did two things: represented the life and culture of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), and also represented fitness and health. When we see clothing lines that represents islands of the Caribbean we see very little of the USVI in that bubble. We see Jamaica and their slang, Trinidad, Guyana, some other islands too, but very little of the USVI unless you live in the USVI, but still very little. I wanted to create something that lets people know where I come from, what I represent, and have something to represent us Cruzans.”

On a more personal note, Duane shares his favorite part of creating his line, “My favorite part is the creation. I’ve always been good at different medians of art. I get entrapped in the creation process to the point that I’m at the computer for hours. If it was up to me I would just create and have someone else handle everything else, lol.”

The conversation then ventures into his super cool and confident moniker, Cruzan Muscle. Duane offers this explanation, “Cruzan muscle started as something I decided to do for myself, again just to represent where I come from. When I would find a clothing line that represented the USVI majority of the time I didn’t really like the design. I would still rock it to support, but the design wasn’t for me. I have a client and a long time friend that launched his clothing line a couple years ago, and I asked him ‘how do you make your t-shirts?’ At this point I’m just asking for two reasons; #1. I found it fascinating, the whole process. And, #2. I wanted to take some of the designs I’ve been creating and put it on a shirt for myself. He showed me and provided me the links for all the supplies, and equipment I needed to do it. So I started pressing my designs. I had a couple people asking me what’s this Cruzan muscle thing you wearing. I would say just some shirts I designed. They replied, oh you have a clothing line. I said, yep lol. This individual asked me to press a couple shirts for his family reunion. The set-up I had at the time was not set-up to handle a large number of shirts for me to press by myself, but I did it. It took me all night, and part of the next day. After that scenario, I went back to my boy and asked him how to you create your business. That’s when he introduced me into creating storefronts utilizing direct to garment printing through his distributor. That was the beginning of Cruzan muscle.”

Self awareness is the hallmark of a strong individual and Cruzan Muscle knows exactly what makes him tick, “My strengths are I am diligent, hard working, structured, and focused. When I have my mind set on executing something I do it, and make sure it gets done when it’s suppose to be done. My weaknesses are I’m not a people person, which is needed in order to market your clothing line, and two, I have a tendency to want to do everything. Even if I have someone to do it for me. If they don’t initiate the process when I expect them to, I just do it. And if I don’t know how to do it, I figure out how to do it and just do it, lol.”

In regards to the everyday challenges his business faces, Duane knows there will always be something to work on, “Some challenges I faced was trying to get everything launched with very little money, and support. I don’t necessarily have a team so the majority of what I do for all my business (clothing line, personal training, videography, photography) I do it myself. The reason why is I just didn’t have people willing to volunteer, nor did I have the money to pay anyone. I started creating the designs and wanted someone that can do everything else. Couldn’t find anyone so I figured it out. I needed a photographer to take pictures of my clothes for marketing and couldn’t find one pro-bono so I learned how to take professional photos. Needed videos for my other businesses, and couldn’t find a volunteer that knew what he/she was doing so I learned how to shoot professional videos. Each time I learned something for one business created another business lol so I guess that fact that I had no help or funding benefited me in the long run because it pushed me to learn other medians of creations to branch off to other services.”

Looking down the road, the talented Mr. Moore keeps it simple, “5 year from now I see myself doing what it is I live to do, which is create and nothing else.” More projects are in store as well, “I have my personal training business and I’m working on branching that service to completely online with subscriptions. I have my media business, Ephesians 2:10 Media, providing photography and videography services. ”

In parting, Duane offers this, “Ephesians 2:10 reads ‘for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ We all are born with a god given talent. Some of us know right away, some of us it takes awhile, some of us know but we keep running from it because you don’t see yourself making money doing it, and some of us never know it. I knew I had a talent and a love for art at a young age, but I kept running from it. Now here I am at the age of 39 about to be 40, and I know my purpose is to create and motivate others. This is why I named my media business Ephesians 2:10 which in all retrospect covers all my hustles.”


To follow and contact Duane Moore:

Instagram Accounts – @moorefit4u , @ephesians_210_media , @Cruzan_muscle_apparel

Facebook – Moorefit4u , Ephesians 2:10 Media

Website – https://www.moorecreativsolutions.com/

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