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DJ Kai ~ Jazzy Mash-ups

Symphonic Skin Presents: A Q&A with DJ Kai (Trinidad and Tobago)


Tell us about yourself

Name: Shemmy Camps

Birth Place: Trinidad

Current Location: San Fernando – Trinidad

Places you have traveled to: Grenada, Jamaica, Martinique, Margarita


What is the story behind your name?
My DJ name was DJ Righteous before I re-branded as Kai in 2016. The Name, Righteous had people thinking I was a gospel DJ and not an urban DJ. Therefore limiting the amount of work I get on the outside. I was researching names and Kai had fit my description. The name Kai has a lot of meanings towards it. Such as ”Warrior, Strong, Lovable” and It fitted who I was a person. I also chose ”Kai” because it was simple to pronounce. Short! And ever since, my come up has been going well.


At what age did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

At the age of 17 years, when I saw my friend mixed two dance-hall songs on the ”Red Bull and Guinness riddim” on virtual DJ. I was like “Yo, that’s sick!” Ever since then, I’ve been in the game.


Who has been your biggest influence?
Jazzy Jeff. I use to watch all of his scratch videos and his live performances and I would watch how he would have that crowd screaming with his amazing executions. I never really looked at local DJs in Trinidad when I started.  Nothing personal but Jazzy Jeff was the man I looked up to!


Which artist would be your dream collaborations?

Chris Brown. Chris Brown is my favorite R&B singer and I dream of the day I would personally do a mash-up for him.

When did producing and mash-ups first peak your interest?

In 2010. I use to look up to a Pop Mash-up Producer ‘DJ Earworm’ His mash-ups are in key and his views are in the millions. I use to tell myself “One day my mash-ups will be in the millions and at the moment, two of them are over a million views on YouTube. Shout-out to DJ Earworm.

What is the best advice you have been given?
‘You have an amazing talent and don’t let it go to waste. No matter how long it takes, keep pushing. God has put a gift or talent, in every person that the world will make room for.’


What advice would you give an up and coming DJ?
First off, ask yourself if you are doing this for the hustle or the love of it.
If it’s for the hustle, you will phase out. If it’s for the love then invest in yourself and whatever you are doing, try to be different. Let people differentiate you from other DJs. Standing out is the best way to draw the clients that everyone wants.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are fast mash-up ideas. If I have to do it, I can do a minute mash-up in one day. That’s full audio and video production. My weakness is my PlayStation 4. It sometimes distracts me, lol.


What do you enjoy most about being a DJ?

Being different and the thought of people looking forward to my music is an amazing feeling.


What are you currently working on?
Basically cleaning music, downloading music from record pools and may work on a KES mash-up soon.


What are your social media handles:


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Doing the same thing what I love; DJ’ing and mash-up production. Continuing to tour countries and in the future will be teaching others that are interested.

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