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Champaine: Cheers to You!

Symphonic Skin Magazine is happy to present our debut issue and feature a very special young woman, Champaine! A Cali-girl to her core, the pint-sized dynamo is set to take Texas and the world by storm.
Her journey to Central Texas was a simple decision to see the country, find new places. She shares with a laugh, “Texas is the last place I’d think of because the laws are kinda crazy!”. When asked about being the first in-house model for our magazine, Champaine says “It’s a big step up, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And, it’s great honestly.”
Her pursuit of modeling essentially started with a bit of self assurance and a window of opportunity. She tells us, “I was sick and tired of feeling, like, not happy with what I was doing working-wise. I used to work a lot…I was a driver, server…things that weren’t fun to me, that I didn’t really enjoy. Just very depressing.” She continues, “I wanted to do cosmetology and beauty…hey, I’m kinda pretty, I can try modeling…let’s see how this works out!”
Without a moment of hesitation, Champaine is sure of every reply and reflects on how encouraging her first modeling experience was, “It went good, like really good! I really liked it and enjoyed it. It was something that I wanted to wake up and do every day.”
Asked to share some wisdom with potential models who are considering taking a shot, “Just do it. Take your shot, shoot your shot! You can do it.”
Champaine is ascending gracefully and graciously and wants the world to know to expect “Big things. Big big things! Cali-type things!”

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