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Beware! ~ The Story of Frank Lucra

Around 8pm, the six-foot redhead sets himself up near a candle with a cup of tea, while Bon Iver plays out of his phone, a notable influence for him. I tell him he has a “cabin in the woods” vibe, to which he replies, “I’m in tune.” Outside of his music, Frank Lucra is an enigmatic character, known of by many and yet not known much at all. He operates almost exclusively through his industry, and through Beware The Locals.

Following the likes of Wu-Tang and G.O.O.D. Music is BTL, an artist collective full of many diverse talents who also happen to have made a family of themselves. There are musicians, writers, painters, dancers, producers, clothing designers, and much more. Some of the members include Frank Lucra himself, DAVID, Dretti, and Tito Lounge. After noticing that the environment of Killeen, Texas didn’t have much in the interest of an artistic foundation, Frank formed BTL and has used the name to support community events that were once held in a garage of a two-story house at random, and now take place in the Killeen Civic & Conference Center on a regular basis. Frank’s goal is “to unify local creatives and empower them to become something more than a local,” hence Beware The Locals.

Frank Lucra himself originated as a producer among rappers who encouraged him to freestyle, which birthed his love for rapping. Through production, he learned the mixing and engineering aspect of the music method, while his hobbies reached for photography and videography, encompassing all of the directorial and editorial facets. Lastly, he organizes and coordinates all BTL events. For the sake of brevity, Frank Lucra does it all, and almost exclusively retains 100% creative control in his endeavors. Frank Lucra is an artist, through and through, born to create.

Ironically, what drives Frank the most is laziness. Frank Lucra is all in now, putting 110% effort into his legacy until the day his legacy can live and breathe on its own, and he can sit back in one of his estates and let his investments reimburse him. It’s what we all should strive to do in this economy, and between all the artistic routes BTL is taking, it seems to be only a matter of time.

If you want to hear more from Frank Lucra, you can find him @franklucra on nearly all major music streaming platforms such as SoundCloud and Apple Music, as well as his Instagram and Twitter. If you want to keep up with Beware The Locals, follow @beware.usa on Instagram. Expect a collaborative tape from Frank Lucra and fellow Beware The Locals musicians as early as Winter 2019, as well as new solo material from various BTL artists.

“BTL ON GO,” – Frank Lucra

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