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B.A.R.L.I.F.E.: L.Dot

I arrived early enough to settle in first, set up the gear and wait. He gets to the table, placing a biker’s helmet on the table with his left hand and greeting me with the right. “Leon,” he says. Within minutes, the anatomy of the room is dismantled. We talk more as if we’re on the front porch than in a coffee shop. L. Dot is a conversationalist, who happens to choose his words very carefully. There’s always an immediacy to his answers but he elaborates much like an uphill drive, patient but steady. Patience is one of L. Dot’s greatest strengths, as it takes him where many could not. He does not need instant gratification. Instead, L. Dot is always playing the long game in the music industry, building an empire from which B.A.R.L.I.F.E. can become virtually limitless.

For more context, B.A.R.L.I.F.E. is an acronym that stands for “Be A Real Life Influence For Everyone,” which is what he sets out to do every day. BARLIFE is a movement geared towards improvement, tapping into the best potential that lies within each other. BARLIFE is also the name of his musical entity, and L. Dot operates as the CEO of the operation. The movement is carried by a very meticulous selection of artists that L. Dot himself has curated, a full range of astounding talents such as Menace, Taneé, and Honey B.

When L. Dot talks about his accomplishments in the industry, his tone remains very humble. He never indulges in himself, even as he walks me through the biggest deal he’s made. Not long ago, a representative reached out to L. Dot after hearing his song called “The Cure.” After some back-and-forth discussions, careful deliberation, and contract signing, the decision was made. L. Dot scored an imprint deal with Sony, the largest digital entertainment company in the world. Through an imprint deal, L. Dot remains in complete control of BARLIFE altogether, while working with Sony to expand and conquer. But even then, what is his perhaps the shiniest of his trophies is only a stepping stone for what is next. He is built for longevity in every which way, which sets BARLIFE up to be a global legacy in the years to come.

If you want to know more about L. Dot and BARLIFE, you can reach him @therealldot, that is “The Real L Dot” kept all in one word. His music is on most streaming platforms as L. Dot and you can find his latest album, “B.A.R.L.I.F.E.,” as well as his collaborative record with Menace. Stay tuned for the rise of L. Dot and expect his next album to surface in Fall 2020.

  1. Renee

    After reading the article I didn’t expect nothing but greatness 💕 I’m proud or your achievements, the sky’s the limit my friend.

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