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Prepstart Lifestyles ~ Always Prepared!

Prepstart Lifestyles

Symphonic Skin Magazine is proud to present a booming business that is taking the region by storm and getting the people healthy with excellent meal choices and more! Take a moment to enjoy this great Q&A with Prepstart Lifestyles!

1. Tell us about your company, what’s the background?
The Prepstart Lifestyles team saw a need in the area and decided to not only fill it, but also support the local community.
2. The meal prep field has a specific demographic, how does your company support those who need your services?Prepstart Lifestyles supports its customers by putting the convenience back into eating healthy!… By having meals readily available it simplifies the guessing game of what to eat and how much.

3. The health, wellness, and nutrition industry has had a boom since the push of Former First Lady Michelle Obama to get our country into better shape. How did the increase interest help your decision to enter the field?

Michelle Obama’s push to get the country into better shape definitely helped fuel the fire behind our meal prep company. We wanted to do our part and help the people eat better.

4. What can a new customer expect when they choose you for their meal prep services? And do you provide a corporate rate for businesses or personal trainers? Is there a rewards program for frequency?

A new customer can expect a flavorful spin on the traditional meal prep food. Our company motto is our healthy isn’t boring! We have a rewards program. We have a points system for repeat customers.
5. Has the pandemic dramatically affected your business?
The pandemic has effected our business in a good way. Our business has doubled. With more people staying home they have an opportunity to focus more on their health.
6. What is the next step for your company?
The next step in our company would be open more prepstartlifestyle locations

7. How can readers find out more about you? Contact you online, storefront, or via phone call

Readers can find us on IG @prepstartlifestyles
App Store is available for both android and iPhone
(254) 394-0124
1103 W Veterans Memorial Blvd Ste. 107, Killeen, TX 76541


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