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All the Stars ~ Mariah Tinkshell

Fresh off a very focused and well traveled performance tour all over the State of Texas, Mariah Tinkshell relishes every opportunity to share her gift with the masses!

Where are you from?

I am from Killeen, Texas


At what age did you discover your talents?

Actually my parents figured out I could sing as a baby, I was crying on one pitch, I officially sang my first real song at 4 years old.


You have a very confident, attention grabbing style. How do conjure you bold image?

I used to hum and sing all the time, only when no one was around and I told everyone that I was going to sing and perform, one day. my mother asked me to sing for her and her friends and it was maybe 5 people in the room including my mother, and I told her I was scared, nervous, and it was too many people around, overall i didn’t want to do it. She looked at me and said, “how are you going to be able to perform in front of thousands if you can’t even perform in front of us?” So I looked at her cleared my throat and sang for her. So I got my strength and boldness from my mother, she passed  away when I was 16 years old, she helped me understand that if I was going to be serious about music that I needed to give it my all.


You performed an original piece at the Symphonic Skin launch party, how involved are you in the writing process?

All of my original music either 100% or 95% of it I wrote, I write music out of feelings and emotions, I have had (or have).


What is next for you and how can readers follow you?

The next thing for me is performing at as many venues as I can, I want to be able to share my gift to the world.

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